Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Public idolization of Bill Clinton from a Vet's viewpoint

I continue to be dismayed by the public idolization of Bill Clinton, as seen again and again in the USA. To me, as an army veteran of the sixties, and as a publisher of war memoirs and history books for 20 years, he personifies what was unfair during the Vietnam War Era and is unfair again now in the Iraqi War.

The draft of the sixties was so porous that men of Clinton's inclination to avoid serving had an easy time of it. The result was an armed forces made up of soldiers from poor, uneducated backgrounds placed in peril by those better educated and more affluent. In my 150 man company, I was the only soldier who was a college graduate.

Now in Iraq draftees have been replaced by reservists who needed extra income to raise families. The better educated and more affluent do not have to worry about being sent to war. Again. Until fair is the determining factor as to who serves this nation on the front lines, the Clintons of our society will continue to dodge their responsibilities to further their ambitions at others' expense.

Put me in charge of the draft, which undoubtedly will come about again. I'll make sure it's fair. First to go: the Bush daughters.--Walter Haan, http://www.war-books.com


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