Tuesday, March 25, 2008


By Walter Haan, www.war-books.com

The number 4,000 is all around us.

You can get Minnesota caucus news and election results from Channel 4000, the Twin Cities politics news source. That is if you live in Minnesota.

Microsoft offers the Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000.

Acer offers the PCI ExpressT -powered Acer ezDock with a complete range of 24 ports and connectors and makes the Ferrari 4000 a superlative (their word) desktop replacement option.

The NVIDIA® GoForce® 4000 mobile graphics processing unit (GPU) delivers megapixel digital photo resolution, full motion video playback and capture, according to the manufacturer.

The Cisco Catalyst® 4000 Series of modular switches include the Cisco Catalyst 4003 and Catalyst 4006 chassis. According to the manufacturer, this is a key component of Cisco AVVID.

Alien Skin Software, LLC, developed Eye Candy 4000 and Xenofex. Filters are compatible with Photoshop, ImageReady, Paint Shop Pro, Photo-Paint, Fireworks, and Canvas.

According to BBC News in February, 4,000 more midwives are to be employed by the British government. It plans to recruit the 4,000 midwives in England to relieve pressure on maternity services.

The Four Thousand Footer Club was formed in 1957 to introduce hikers to some of the less well-known sections of the White Mountains of New Hampshire The club celebrated its 50 year anniversary in 2007.

Oh, and another unofficial club was formed this past Sunday, Easter Sunday, March 23rd: a total of 4,000 American lives have now been lost in the five years since the US attacked and occupied Iraq. The members of this club don’t get to see their parents, wives, brothers, sisters and children ever again. They don’t get the pleasures of playing ball with their children, teaching them how to fish or wrestling with them on the living room floor any more. And they won’t have the opportunity to hide Easter eggs for their children next Easter. Or the Easter after that.

But Jenna and Barbara Bush just go on with their privileged, inconsequential lives. Jenna has a children’s book coming out (good news for the orphans of the 4,000 killed in Iraq) and is getting married this year. The news services no longer report that Barbara is hanging around bars.--Copyright 2008 by Walter Haan, www.war-books.com


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