Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Famous people think writing children's books is child's play

Famous people think writing children's books is child's play

By Walter Haan,,

Once upon a time there was a nation in love with movie stars, TV personalities and brand names. Eventually, some of these famous people, holed up in their castles or high rent condos or Malibu beach houses, discovered another trade to dabble in between making movies or being politicians: writing children's books. People such as President Obama, actress Jamie Lee Curtis and actor Treat Williams come to mind as star personalities who have suddenly discovered they could write books for children. Who is next? Charlie Sheen, writing while in rehab?

Famous brand-name people know that editors and publishers in castles at big name publishing companies love brand-names too. To them, whether a children's book has a story with engaging fictional characters and interesting imaginary worlds is less important than the bottom line that acts like the moats around publishers' castles to prevent non-famous writers from getting publishers' attention.

The big-name publishers in their castles sign distribution treaties with important brand-name distributor kingdoms and online and bricks-and-mortar book retail empires. That way they assure that their brand-name books by brand-name authors are displayed prominently in brand name stores and sold to the peasants in large numbers.

The peasants, exhausted from trying to survive in this brand-name world and indoctrinated by brand-name celebrity television shows to believe that celebrity politicians and actors are talented in all fields, purchase their books in record numbers.

The End (really).

--Copyright © 2011 by Walter Haan;,


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