Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Unit

I’ve been watching The Unit on CBS, Tuesday nights, and think it’s time I commented.

The show is based on the book, Inside Delta Force, by Eric Haney. Someone wrote a review of the book saying he found it entertaining, but found Mission Impossible entertaining too.

That’s the way I feel about the television show. It is entertaining, but about as realistic as Mr. Ed, the old TV show about the talking horse.

As someone who’s been in the military, it doesn’t sound right. The language is too clean. The characters all come across as well educated, well spoken men in multiple languages who just happen, when they commute to their offices, go to Indonesia or Afghanistan to kick butt.

If you’ve been in the military, you know what I mean. Soldiers use foul language, pee wherever they want (like off the top bunk or down a staircase), drink heavily and fight each other as often as they fight the enemy. That doesn’t mean they’re not patriotic. They generally are gung ho American.

But CBS can’t show that reality on a family network. This show belongs on cable, particularly FX, which runs The Shield and Rescue Me. Whatever you have to say about those shows, they sound right, and visually look right.

And last night’s episode had a subplot about prayer! Come on! Was the script written by some padre, priest or minister somewhere? It’s supposed to be written by David Mamet.

So basically, what I’m saying about The Unit, CBS’s version of Inside Delta Force, is that it has no balls. It should be retitled The Eunuch.—Walter Haan,


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