Monday, June 26, 2006

Persons of the highest courage and conscience.

"Those in the military who dissent and resist what they know are illegal actions of the Bush administration are persons of the highest courage and conscience."

This quote came from an article written by Ann Wright, a 29 year Army and Army Reserves veteran. The article is being distributed by Truthout and can be found at:

I recommend you read the article. I wish all young Americans had the opportunity to witness first-hand the illegal actions of the Bush administration regarding Iraq. That is why I favor a universal draft for everyone in their late teens and twenties, without any loopholes. All young adults, both men and women, need to see for themselves.

That's what was wrong in the Vietnam War. The educated youth of that period did not witness the lies and mistakes made by LBJ and Robert McNamara because loopholes in the Selective Service System enabled them to opt out. People like Bush and Cheney opted out during the sixties, put their selfish interests first, before the interests of their country and countrymen.

And now these selfish men are in charge. They didn't care how many Americans died in Vietnam as long as it wasn't them. The same was true for Bill Clinton. And now they don't care if Pfc. Thomas Tucker and
Pfc. Kristian Menchaca, who were tortured and killed last week in Iraq, are dead. As long as it isn't one of their children or children of their friends and associates.

There are going to be worldwide repercussions because of the illegal actions and lying by Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. And it is going to be those in their late teens and twenties that will be on the front lines of dealing with them. ---Walter Haan,


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