Friday, June 02, 2006


I'm kinda speechless about Haditha. I know, as a historian, that I should be used to this sort of thing. The following is excerpted from a short book I'm publishing in July, Blacks, Indians & Women in America's War for Independence by Dudley C Gould (ISBN: 0-913337-57-9):

"Indians were not alone in committing outrages. Four companies of Dan Morgan’s wild riflemen with Sullivan’s column captured one Oneida Indian community, part of the Six Nations in the Finger Lake district of central New York. These Virginia Long Knives added disgust to the terror of their name by gang-raping and slitting the throats of helpless squaws, young and old. A Lieutenant William Barton of the 1st New Jersey recorded proudly in his diary how Indians were tortured for hours, being peeled alive for their skin to make boot legs.

"In Prince Philip’s War in 1675, Reverend Solomon Stoddard of Northhampton, Massachusetts, suggested that English hunt American natives with “dogs, as they do bears and wolves,” as the Spaniards did, as slave-owners hunted their runaway property, and as they did all along in Virginia."

Haditha, My Lai....

Don't you sometimes wish that war was legally banned? I wouldn't mind being put out of business because there were no more war stories to publish and no market for them.--Walter Haan,


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