Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Don't believe everything you read in The New York Times

Don't believe everything you read in The New York Times or on its Web Site. Yesterday on the Web Site it ran an article about NATO taking over in southern Afghanistan. I wrote them a correction for the piece but it's not going to run it. So I'll publish it here:

"Regarding today's AP article on your Web Site about NATO taking over in southern Afghanistan, AP wrote: "The NATO alliance's southern deployment includes some U.S. troops, effectively making (British) Lt. Gen. Richards the first non-U.S. general to command American forces in combat operations, officials said." Not true. In early 1942, British and Dutch military leaders commanded American forces in combat. British Field Marshall Sir Archibald P.Wavell was in overall command of ABDA Forces (American, British, Dutch, Australian) fighting the Japanese. British Air Chief Marshall Sir Richard Peirse was in command of all Allied air forces and Dutch Vice Admiral Conrad Helfrich was in charge of the Allied navies beginning February 15, 1942. Dutch Rear Admiral Karel Doorman commanded the Allied fleet (which included the USS Houston and four American destroyers) in the Battle of the Java Sea on February 27-28, 1942."

The New York Times frequently prints inaccuracies or shows its bias when reviewing books and movies. --Walter Haan, www.war-books.com


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