Friday, October 27, 2006

Americans need to take an interest

Most Americans are ignorant about things that matter. Like who is running the country and what those leaders are actually doing. Here is a list that contains what most Americans are really interested in:

1. The Super Bowl

2. The World Series

3. Sales at Fortunoffs

4. Paris Hilton

5. DVDs, CDs (the kind that play music)

6. Sales at Ann Taylor's

7. Sales at the supermarket

8. celebrity marriages

9. SUVs, sport cars

10. Cable TV

11. Sales at Bloomingdales, Macys, Wal-Mart, K-Mart. You get the idea.

Okay. I'm going to say it again. Get those broken bottles ready to throw. Ralph Nader should have been elected to be president in 2004, just like Eugene McCarthy should have been elected President in 1968. He would have stopped the Vietnam War just as Nader would have stopped our war in Iraq.

What was on Nader's platform? Get out of Iraq now. Universal health care now. Things good for the people. But you all ran to the polls with your tails between your legs spouting anti-Nader rants while you voted for Bush and the Bush clone. You know who you are. Practically everyone.

Are you feeling bad about it all? Go take a drive in your SUV at 15 miles per gallon. Go wrap all your leftovers in Glad Bags made from petroleum. Go blow your leaves into a neat pile with your gas powered leaf blower. Go tut tut at the TV news about another one of our boys dying in Vietnam, whoops, I mean Iraq. Go to church and piously pray for peace while you finger your plastic rosary beads. Have your car detailed. Put a plastic American flag made in China on your car. Write outraged letters to the editor of your local newspaper about any topic, pick one, the list of things to be outraged about is huge. Then have a donut, or go get plastered or high.

Or write a check to the American Red Cross to help our wounded soldiers or those from New Orleans who still have nothing. There, don't you feel better? Or maybe you subscribe to the Barbara Bush theory that those who lost everything during Hurricane Katrina are better off now. Best thing that could have happened to them, something like that she said. I want to know how many drowned in the waves formed in the flood waters by Bush's plane flying low to inspect the damage?

I know! Get outraged by that Catholic priest who was naked with Congressman Foley when he was a teenager. Let's get him; hang him by his balls. Let's hang Foley by his balls for writing suggestive emails to our good, clean page boys in Congress.

Americans will do anything to avoid the most important, pressing issues facing our nation. Bush is destroying our Constitution. Bush clone Kerry would have continued the war, but fought it better. What? How? Maybe he meant to kill all Iraqis. Then it would be quiet, leaving us to harvest all the oil and natural gas, which is what it's all about anyway. We need to keep those leaf blowers going. Thank God I unloaded my stock in the rake company.

I could go on, but what's the point? Most Americans are going to deserve what ultimately happens to this nation unless they wake up and start to pay attention to our government and what it is doing in our names. There is something we can all do on November 7th to help turn things around. Vote the guys out who have made and supported all the bad decisions. And while you’re doing that, take a good look at the third and fourth party candidates on your ballots. History has shown that they have come up with some of the very best ideas for ordinary Americans. Like Nader did when he opposed the war and supported universal health care in 2004.

Over 90 American soldiers have died in Iraq this month. That's the highest count in a year. Please pay attention to what our government is doing. --Walter Haan,


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