Tuesday, November 14, 2006

S.L.O.W.: Senator Lieberman on War

S.L.O.W.: Senator Lieberman on War
A new special, continuing feature from War Books, News and Opinions

As a resident of Connecticut, I've had out-of-staters ask me repeatedly about how Senator Joseph Lieberman could be re-elected our senator. After all, Connecticut residents are among the best educated in the nation. How could Connecticut voters back Lieberman with his abysmal support of President Bush, Vice President Cheney and the Iraqi War and Occupation? How could he be re-elected by a majority of Connecticut voters?

Let's set that record straight. He was not re-elected by a majority of Connecticut voters. The majority voted against him by voting for the four other candidates for senate. It's a small, tiny majority, I admit. But it means that there are more of us out there in the Nutmeg State who were against his re-election than for it. Thank God!

That means he is not empowered by the majority of Connecticut voters to do anything he wants. Like he thinks he can do. On Meet the Press on Sunday, November 13, 2006, he said he has told the Secretary of State's office in Hartford that he is an "Independent Democrat." And that it was possible he would support Republican positions and maybe the Republican party. Hell, he's been doing that for years.

So when SLOW Joe takes positions on war, this blog is going to highlight them and compare them with his past positions. If you're into hypocrisy, this should be a favorite part of this blog for you.

I call him SLOW Joe because he doesn't seem to understand that his support for the Bush-Cheney War in Iraq is partially responsible for American military deaths and casualties in that war. As an advocate of our fighting men and women, I think his past and future positions on war need to be studied, exposed and compared. Stay tuned for some interesting stuff from SLOW Joe. --Walter Haan, www.war-books.com


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