Thursday, December 07, 2006

This National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, We are the Japanese

We have shown complete disregard for the Iraqis. When they were overjoyed at the fall of Saddam Hussein, the American occupiers accepted their gratitude but exhibited complete disregard for their needs, their allegiance or the potential threats to them. We threw Iraqis out of work, allowed them to use weapons on each other in sectarian violence and deprived them of necessities.

This is what the Japanese did during World War II in places like the Netherlands East Indies. It invaded and overthrew territory of a western colonial power and the Indonesians at first felt liberated. Then reality set in. If an Indonesian looked a Japanese soldier in the eye on the street, he was beaten. All Indonesians were required to look down when approaching the Japanese as a sign of servitude. Millions of them were rounded up and transported against their will on Hell Ships to places like Thailand to be coolies for Japanese construction projects like the River Kwai Railway bridge project. The death rate was terrible, both on the Hell Ships and on the job for the Japanese. Oh, and the Japanese said they did all of this to liberate Indonesia.

I saw a figure this morning that 650,000 Iraqis have died because of our invasion, occupation and our liberation of them from Saddam Hussein.

On this National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, it is recommended that we fly our flags at half-staff. I suggest that this should not only be for the over 3,000 casualties inflicted 61 years ago in Hawaii BUT ALSO for the casualties we have caused in Iraq since 2003.

Tojo said that the western colonial powers "surrounded" them and needed to be eliminated. That led to Pearl Harbor. How Japan could be "surrounded" by western colonies that were all located south of Japan is interesting. Bush said we needed to eliminate Saddam Hussein because he had weapons of mass destruction. That wasn't true either. In both cases, securing resources, such as oil, was behind the invasions. Bush is our Tojo. --Walter Haan,


Blogger Anil P said...

I was wondering if I could find out if a certain Field Ambulance Unit, possibly number 39, of the British India Army served in Rangoon, Shillong (or maybe Ceylon), Singapore between 1939 - 1948.

And if Major Sacchidananda served in it. He came to be known as Saccidananda after the war when he set up an Ashram in India, someplace in Kerela.

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