Wednesday, August 22, 2007

O. J. Simpson, Laura Bush and Patty Rowland

You're probably wondering what O. J. Simpson, Laura Bush and Patty Rowland could have in common. First, for all of you who don't live in Connecticut, let me explain that Patty Rowland is the former first lady of Connecticut. Her husband was forced to resign some years ago as Governor of Connecticut and he spent a year in prison on corruption charges.

What they have in common is that the first two have written books to be published and Rowland has already had her book published. All three are celebrities and are horning their way into or have already horned their way into book publishing. Rowland's book is a children's book as is the proposed book by Laura Bush and her soon to be married daughter, Jenna. O. J. Simpson's book, If I Did It is not for children. It may not be for anyone.

Beaufort Books picked up the O. J. Simpson book after it was rejected by Regan Books and its owner, Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch also owns the Fox Television Network, The New York Post and a bunch of other media properties. Murdoch thought the book to be unsuitable for publication as some believe the book is Simpson's confession of the murder of his wife and Ron Goldman. You remember all of this.

Now Barnes & Noble says they won't stock the Beaufort edition in its traditional stores if published. Borders stores, and will carry the book. However you will be able to special order the Simpson book at a Barnes & Noble traditional store. Good luck, Beaufort Books, in marketing what many consider offensive and trashy.

When Patty Rowland was first lady of Connecticut, she published a children's book. But in the scandals that ended her husband John's administration and put him behind bars, it came out that one of the Governor's supporters had paid Patty over $40,000 to have her book published. The book sank like a stone. And by the way, it doesn't cost that much to publish a children's book. It can be done for $20,000, including paying the illustrator and paying for full color printing. I know because I've published a hardcover children's book.

Then we come to the Bush family. On August 9th, Harper Collins said that it had acquired the rights to a children's book, untitled as of this writing, by First Lady Laura Bush and her daughter Jenna.

The Bush book is supposedly set in a school and depicts a mischievous boy who likes to do anything except read. The story is supposedly based on Laura's and Jenna's experiences as teachers.

On the same day of the HC announcement of the Bush book, Truthout published a report titled, "New Orleans Children Fighting for the Right to Learn." The article is by Bill Quigley. It seems that about half of the nearly 30,000 children enrolling in New Orleans schools this fall have been enrolled in special public schools. Most are called Charter Schools. These schools have been given tens of millions of our dollars by the Federal government in extra money, over and above state and city money, to set up and operate.

These special public charter schools are not open to all students and are very selective about who they let in. Laura's husband may have been slow to react to Hurricane Katrina and the suffering of New Orleans, but he moved like Katrina's winds after Katrina to convert New Orleans public schools to public charter schools that have the power to discriminate in selecting their students.

So what has happened to the other half of the New Orleans student population? Over 10,000 children have been assigned to a one-year-experiment in public education by Louisiana called the "Recovery School District" (RSD) program. This program is way underfunded resulting in not enough teachers and books. One RSD school has more guards signed up for the children than teachers!

So, on the same day, August 9th, we learned the Bush administration has set up a two tier discriminatory educational system in New Orleans and that Laura Bush, so concerned about education, is publishing a children's book! The hypocracy of the Bush Family is on display.

As I reported in an earlier blog posting, less books are being published in this country. And it seems that a greater proportion of those books being published are being authored by celebrities, such as O. J., Patty, and Laura.

Now all we need is for Barbara Bush (the President's white haired, empty-headed mom) to show up at an RSD school in New Orleans and declare, "See. They're better off now." Like she did in Houston talking about the Katrina refugees.

Everyone should read Bill Quigley's August 9th Truthout Report. I've barely broken the surface here. And no one should buy Laura and Jenna's book. It'll probably be printed in China anyway, helping to put American book printers out of business.--Walter Haan,


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Ok people, OJ totally killed Ron and Nicole. Why the hell is he still running around?? I found a site that analyzed his words, no kidding. You won't believe it. Check this out:

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