Friday, March 28, 2008

Hill and Bill try the Dutch approach of WWII

By Walter Haan,

I love History. I was just reading about Hill and Bill now floating the idea that Obama can't win in the fall without Hill as his VP candidate. A few weeks ago, the Hill and Bill mob floated a similar proposal, but that time with Obama as her VP candidate. Polls today show that Hillary is eight percent behind Obama in popularity polls. In other words, she's losing.

Reminds me of March 1942 when the Japanese brought the Dutch to their knees on the island of Java. The Dutch with their limited resources (compared to the USA and Britain) had arguably put up the best resistance to the Japanese of the three Allies in the early days of the Pacific War after Pearl Harbor. They sunk 56 Japanese ships in the first 56 days after Pearl Harbor and lost their entire fleet and air force forcefully fighting the Japanese. So in early March 1942 the Japanese and Dutch met at a meeting in Bandung where the Japanese thought the Dutch would surrender. But the Dutch Governor General and General of the Dutch Army had another proposal: How about we divide the island? They pushed this until the exasperated Japanese yelled they had had enough.

"You have lost. Surrender!" And the Dutch surrendered. Their ploy didn't work.

Hill and Bill are using the same ploy. Let's divide the ticket. I'll be on top. Then, you'll be on top. Anything to get on the ticket even though Hill is losing the battle.

Time for someone in the Democratic Party to meet with Hill and Bill Clinton and tell them they have lost.

"Surrender, for God's sake!"--Copyright 2008 by Walter Haan,


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