Friday, May 19, 2006

Pain, more pain.

The quotation of the day from today’s New York Times is: "You get a lot more authority when the workforce doesn't think it's amateur hour on the top floor."

Who said this? General Michael V. Hayden, President Bush's nominee for C.I.A. director.
Now I’m sure he wasn’t referring to President Bush and Vice President Cheney, but those are the men I immediately thought of when I read that quote.

Their actions regarding Iraq and Afghanistan have caused individuals around the world, both civilian and military, so much pain. Today’s news reports alone include:

1. The middle class of Iraq is moving heaven and earth to get out of Iraq as soon as possible. The very people Bush and Cheney said our invasion of Iraq would help are fleeing for their lives. What do the amateurs on the top floor have to say about that?

2. A mother's fight to have her soldier son's body disinterred from an Oklahoma cemetery and reburied near her home in California ended with a lost court appeal.

A roadside bomb exploded in Iraq on February 16, 2005, killing Army Staff Sergeant. Jason Hendrix, 28 years old.

His mother, Renee Amick, argued that Hendrix had wanted to be buried in California, where he spent his childhood. A little-known military policy favors the elder surviving parent for custody. So the Army shipped Hendrix's body to his father, who buried him in Tulsa, Oklahoma, next to his own father, a former Marine. Pain, compounded by more pain, for both parents.

Associate Justice Hugo Black of the Supreme Court once said, “Here’s hope, strength and love to those who give hope, strength and love.”

Are the amateurs on the top floor projecting American hope, strength and love to the world? It's something to be considered as we prepare on Memorial Day to honor those American servicemen and women who have fallen or been wounded in the last three years.—Walter Haan,


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