Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Iraqi War Veterans: Write a book about your experiences

By Walter Haan,

My book publishing company is actively searching for manuscripts about the current Iraq War and occupation by enlisted men and women who have served there between 2003 and now. We are looking for that special man or woman who fits the mold
as an original author about that subject.

"The most original authors are so, not because they produce what is new, but only because they are able to say things the like of which seems never to have been said before." That is the kind of author we're looking for. It is not necessary to have been published before, nor is it necessary to have an agent. We would especially like to receive manuscripts from American enlisted personnel, not officers. Authors' feelings about the war and its success or failure can be conservative or liberal.

There is no timetable for receipt of manuscripts. But we want to see many so we can find the next Jarhead or Follow Me Up Fools Mountain. So spread the word among those Iraq War veterans you know who work with words. If anyone has any questions about this search, email me at

In my next posting I'll put out a call for manuscripts from veterans of the current Afghanistan War. But that will be a different call. We're looking for manuscripts about Afghanistan from European NATO soldiers only.--Walter Haan,


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