Thursday, September 04, 2008

Movie Stop-Loss is weak

Movie Stop-Loss has a weak ending, abandons characters to another tour of Iraq

by Walter Haan,

Just saw Ryan Phillippe and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the Stop-Loss DVD yesterday. This movie is further proof that the American media is in bed with President Bush and his cronies.

Until its end, the film is powerful. About a soldier, Brandon King (Phillippe), who is involuntarily signed up for a third tour in Iraq, King declares he's not going again. He fights his buddies on the subject, flees halfway across the country from Texas to New York City, endures the suicide of a buddy from his unit (Gordon-Levitt), and appears to be ready to relocate to Canada with a new identity.

Suddenly he's back home, looking at the Mexican border and hugging his family. Just as suddenly, he's on the bus with his buddies being taken to the plane that will return them all to Iraq. The end.

The movie does not have the courage of its convictions. It's like the producers, writers and director signed on a government dotted line to not let this film go to it's natural ending (King in Canada starting a new life where he no longer has to kill people). I guess there was a fear that the movie would appear to be "unpatriotic."

Far more unpatriotic and undemocratic is the film's hidden endorsement of using our troops in an involuntary draft so the rest of American youth will not have to go. You know who, the teenage children of government officials and corporate despots who are making a financial killing in the Iraqi War.

Stop-Loss is well produced and directed...and morally bankrupt.--Copyright 2008 by Walter Haan,


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