Friday, June 13, 2008

American general orders an RAF pilot to trim his mustache

American general orders an RAF pilot to trim his mustache

By Walter Haan,

One of our generals with obviously way too much time on his hands in Afghanistan recently ordered a young RAF pilot with a handlebar mustache to trim it. Mustaches are a proud tradition in the RAF so the British airman refused to comply.

Flight Lieutenant Ball was told to trim his facial hair while being posted with American Air Force 366 Fighter Squadron in Afghanistan. Lieutenant Ball flies an F-15 fighter-bomber. The airman pointed out that his mustache was in line with RAF regulations.

American pilots are only allowed to grow small mustaches in Afghanistan evidently.

But this is just another incident that proves we simply don’t recognize the importance of adapting to local customs around the world. In 2007, the RAF relaxed its restrictions on facial hair for British forces serving in Afghanistan because the Afghans believe beards are a sign of status.

The American general was last seen checking spit shined boots in the Afghani desert. Good luck with that. No wonder we can’t defeat the Taliban and find Bin Laden.--Copyright 2008 by Walter Haan,


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