Monday, June 30, 2008

Injured British war veterans to receive free public transportation in London

Injured British War veterans to get free public transportation in London

By Walter Haan,

All injured British war veterans are to get free bus and subway travel in London.

The plan, which will start in November, will be open to all British veterans and their widows, widowers and dependents, whether London residents or visitors to the city.

The new plan will particularly benefit about 2,600 war veterans and war widows aged under 60 living in London who are not already eligible for free travel on public transportation such as buses, Tube (subways) and tram (trolleys). It is expected that British veterans and their family members could save about 200 British pounds per year.

The plan is being instituted to recognize the sacrifices of injured veterans, their families and dependents, because of the veterans' service in places like Afghanistan and Iraq.

It’s a great idea and I think we should copy this plan in every city and town in the United States. Of course, one of the impediments to the plan here is that American mass transport is nonexistent in most of the United States. Which is particularly unfortunate now that gasoline prices for our cars are going through the roof. And that is effecting everyone, not just veterans.

By the way, you’re probably seeing articles in newspapers and online about “poor General Motors” losing market share and its inability to sell cars in this high gas price environment. Don’t feel any sympathy for its shareholders. In the 1930s, General Motors instituted a scheme to buy up public transportation, particularly trolley lines, to dismantle them. This was a marketing plan to force more Americans to buy cars to get around. We’re all paying for that scheme now. Oil is over $143 a barrel this morning. Copyright 2008 by Walter Haan,