Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Halloween Ride of the Bony Express

For children everywhere this Halloween, we bring you
the following poem for the little ones. Read to the kids
in a darkened room:

The Halloween Ride of the

Bony Express

By Wanda Haan
From Zoo Snooze: Poems, Rhymes and stories for Children
ISBN: 978-0-913337-71-4
Text copyright © 2009 by Walter J. Haan; All Rights Reserved

The Bony Express comes rattling down the track,
Nine riders up front… and one hanging on the back.
Ten smelly skeletons are out to have some fun
On the Bony Express’s big Halloween run.

Where’s the train coming from? Nobody knows.
But while it’s here—hold on to your nose,
Squeeze it real tight, and I will be your guide
While this Halloween gang takes its Halloween ride!

The first stop is Booville, a booming little town.
Taboola hops off… and boos Mrs. Brown.
Hold your nose! Taboola’s sunk.
Mrs. Brown’s a skunk!

Second stop is Meowtown. It’s full of gnats.
Off steps Gooey with a cage full of cats.
Hold your toes and socks!
Gooey found a dirty litter box!

Third stop is Pigsville, a p-u-ey place.
Off jumps Groanz and Moanz for the skeleton’s race.
Hold your nose again!
They fell into a pig pen!

Now The Bony Express comes to stop number four,
But the crabby engineer won’t open up the door.
“Please let us off,” begs bony Bobby Gibbs,
And gives the engineer a sharp jab in the ribs.

The conductor yells “Sit,” so everybody does.
Fuzz’s baggie full of bees begins to buzz.
Fuzz jumps off, and the rest begin to whine.
They know The Bony Express is near the end of the line.

It’s time to turn the train around at Stinkleyville Station,
Everybody gets off for The Bony’s rotation.
Back down the track goes The Bony Express,
Picking up the skeletons but leaving quite a mess.

Fuzz jumps aboard. Remember his bees?
He gave them to the kid who said, “Trick or treat, please.”
Hold your toes and I'll tell you thumpkin:
Bees just love a rotten pumpkin!

The train’s back at Pigsville, and quick as a breeze,
Groanz and Moanz have a triple-decker sneeze!
Groanz flies away with a swoosh and a swish,
Most of him lands in a satellite dish.

Moanz flips south and hits somebody,
He ends up on the roof of a port-a-potty.
The conductor (what a monster!) laughs at all the mess
And calls, “All aboard for The Bony Express!”

The Bony’s back at Meowtown. Remember Gooey’s gnats?
They nipped the paws and claws and jaws of several cats!
It turned out just fine and dandy:
The gnats preferred the Halloween candy!

The Bony’s back at Booville, the home of Mrs. Brown.
Taboola bursts aboard… in an odoriferous gown.
Do you just suppose
She smells like a rose?

Everybody’s in and it’s time to say goodbye,
So the Halloween gang has its Halloween cry.
Then The Bony Express goes rattling down the track.
Nine skeletons up front… and one hanging on the back.

Where’s the train off to? Nobody knows.
But you can turn loose of your rosy-red nose.
Those ten smelly skeletons with bones bleached white
Won’t be back again till next Halloween night.

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