Monday, October 27, 2008

Military Book Club goofs again

By Walter Haan,

On page 23 of The Military Book Club sales magazine Warfare, November 2008 edition, there is a headline that makes military history enthusiasts like me cringe.

The headline reads: "An intriguing biography of the famed battleship"

The book being promoted on this page is Intrepid, referring to the 36,000 ton Essex-class aircraft carrier of World War II. Whoops. The actual Intrepid is now moored at a pier on the west side of Manhattan Island in the Hudson River as a floating museum.

Authors of the book are Bill White, president of the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum and Robert Gandt, a former US Navy fighter pilot. The foreword for the book is by presidential candidate John McCain!

I'm sure White and Gandt aren't thrilled by the headline goof. McCain seems to be losing on many fronts at this time so he probably hasn't noticed that the Intrepid was turned from an aircraft carrier into a battleship by some young copywriter who knows nothing about history.

As I've said before, too many Americans know nothing about American history.

It also makes me wonder if McCain was paid to write the foreword. Doesn't he and his wife Cindy have enough homes and automobiles?--Copyright 2008 by Walter Haan,


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